Travel Toothbrush 2-pack

Colgate and GUM travel toothbrushes provide convenience and protection for your on-the-go toothbrushing. Convenience: the brush converts into a compact size that is easy to carry. Protection: a brush cover keeps bristles clean wherever you go. Perfect for your sports, work, and travel needs.

During transport, both brushes are about half as long as a regular toothbrush. The bi-level bristles on the Colgate brush are hard to extra hard easily reach the teeth contours and hard-to-clean gaps providing a thorough brushing process. The bi-level bristles on the GUM brush are medium to soft, and have patented Chlorhexidine antibacterial bristles for continuous bristle protection during the recommended life of 60 brushings.

If you are picky about the brush head and want a light-weight backpacking brush, we recommend cutting the handle off your favorite toothbrush. This can get your toothbrush as light as eight grams. However, if you add a protective case to your "sawed-off", it will be hard to beat the weight savings of a travel toothbrush.

  • Both brushes feature firm locking mechanisms, and don't fall apart while you're trying to brush your teeth
  • For medium to soft bristles use the GUM travel toothbrush
  • For hard to extra hard bristles use the Colgate travel toothbrush
  • Both brushes feature bi-level bristles for a thorough cleaning
  • Both brushes feature drainage holes to let the water out so it dries without trapping moisture inside



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