Shockdoctor Nano Double Fight Mouthguard

The Nano Double Fight is a Dual Arch, low-profile mouthguard for upper/lower dental protection with enhanced fit and comfort. The Double Monocoque Shock Frame, integrated Tri-Bite, and Gel-Fit eliminate the need for large mouth-expanding and fatiguing traditional Dual Arch mouthguards with center breathing channels. Incredible stability and full-wall upper/lower coverage provides an important barrier against jaw uppercuts and side impacts, protecting teeth as well as helping to reduce shock. When fitted and worn correctly, positions the lower jaw down and forward, which may increase strength and athletic performance.

  • Double Monocoque Shock Frame is a low-profile dual arch structure that absorbs and disperses impacts
  • Tri-Bite aligns and stabilizes the upper & lower jaw using gel-filled, bite windows - enhancing protection and fit
  • Gel-Fit liner custom molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable fit
  • Convertible quick-release tether allows the mouthguard to be used strapped or strapless
  • Latex free



  • Item #56003
  • Weight: 14 g
  • In stock / $27.00

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