Heavy Duty Hangers

The Heavy Duty Hanger is made for hanging heavy gear such as skydiving rigs, jumpsuits, SCUBA gear, wetsuits, and armor plate carriers. The beefy wide hook makes it easy to carry the fully loaded hanger without damaging your hand. Rigid I-beam construction prevents the 1-inch thick frame from flexing and allows it to support over 100 pounds. Salt or fresh water will not corrode or harm the Heavy Duty Hanger's high impact polymer. Protect your investment with a Heavy Duty Hanger.

Note: Body armor manufacturers recommend storing their soft armor in a flat, cool, dry place when storing it for prolonged periods of time to prevent stretching of the seams and weave of the fabric.

  • I-beam design holds over 100 lb. loads
  • Large 4cm wide hanger hook
  • 8cm wide shoulder strap notches keep harnesses from sliding off
  • Double "J" hook for backpacks and accessories
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA



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