Combat Operations Data Book

The Combat Operations Data Book was designed by 1MOA Solutions to withstand the kind of abuse Snipers encounter when crawling through the dirt and mud or operating in inclement weather. By utilizing a modular design Shooters are able to add to or remove data inserts to fit their individual needs or mission requirements. Currently the Combat Operations Data Book is the only product of its kind constructed of rip resistant and water proof materials. It is a seriously durable book with waterproof pages that are tougher than Rite in the Rain paper.

Shooters who are currently using the US Army Sniper School data book or similar commercial products will be familiar with the format and able to quickly employ this version. Combining the required formats to record target engagement data with additional pages containing mission planning and support info (such as 9 Line MEDEVAC, Call for fire/Close Air Support requests, Operations Order Templates, and Troop Leading Procedures) provides the warfighter a tool that increases effectiveness on the battlefield. Shooters now have one hard use product they can rely on instead of struggling with multiple data books, smart cards, or SOP's.

Includes a three ring poly binder (8.5in x 5.5in) and 118 waterproof/tear resistant/writable sheets containing the following:

  • 4x Consolidated Data
  • 10x Target Dimensions
  • 10x Cold Bore
  • 10x Grouping
  • 10x Stationary Target
  • 10x Special Target
  • 10x Moving Target
  • 10x Unknown Target
  • 10x Range card
  • 10x Field Sketch
  • 10x Observation
  • 4x Round Count
  • 4x Notes
  • 1x MOA/Conversion Table
  • 1x Range Estimate/Mil
  • 1x Range Table
  • 1x Wind Formula
  • 1x Hold/Angle Fire
  • 1x Moving Target Formula
  • 1x 9 Line MEDEVAC
  • 1x 5 Paragraph OPORD Template
  • 1x Close Air Support /Call for Fire Request

"I'm sitting here, looking through my new DOPE book from 1MOA Solutions... I must tell you... this thing is amazinig. It has everything a Sniper or Precision Marksman would ever need. It's big, it's bold, it's robust... and has tons of input. Charts, diagrams, data, etc... I can't WAIT to get this out and put some of my DOPE into it. I just fitted it to my shooter's mat, and will start using it very soon. If you are in the market for a great DOPE / DATA book, look no further. This thing has everything in it you need, and NOTHING you don't. Hit them up and tell them Ranger Proof sent you... not that it will get you anywhere. DMack out."

- D'Mack from Ranger Proof


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