Contour Picatinny Mount

The Contour Picatinny Mount specifically targets sportsmen, soldiers, and law enforcement individual that wants to mount their camera on a tactical weapon. There is a small bit of wobble, but it is easily secured with a small piece of tape. Use it to get footage of you putting some lead down range at your next shooting competition. Also works great for airsoft, and an excellent side benefit is that the airsoft bb's move slow enough for the camera to track them.

  • Makes it easy to go from helmet to weapon or anywhere you have rails to mount it to
  • Cut a short section of picatinny rail and screwed it to my ear muffs for pistol shooting
  • Mountable without the use of tools
  • Put a mount on several weapons and quickly swap the camera between the mounts with a push of a button



  • Item #68208
  • Weight: 27 g

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