GoPro Extension Mini-Links

GoPro Extension Mini-Links are used in combination with the Low-Pro Mount and GoPro Extension Bar. Tired of the plastic GoPro links breaking right before you exit the plane or once you reach an exit point after hiking all day up a mountain? Extension Links can be used either by themselves, with other links, or with an extension bar. Extension Links can be a hazard for canopy entanglements, and should be jumped with a robust cut-away system. Each Extension Link is hand made to extremely tight fitting tolerances, which will prevent them from moving during deployment.

WARNING: This product is intended for skydivers with more than 300 jumps, and at least 100 wingsuit jumps. Use at your own risk. DO NOT use Nylon break-away screws on your Low-Pro Mount when using Extension Links.

Mounting cameras at a raised viewpoint, where lines and bridle pass during deployment, is extremely dangerous and can result in a life-threatening entanglement. Care should be taken when mounting these accessories and during deployment to avoid such a scenario. Please, USE A CUTAWAY if you jump one of these configurations.

  1. Mount the Low-Pro Mount to your helmet.
  2. Work the bar into place after you attach the Low-Pro Mount to the helmet. The fit is so tight that small aluminum particles may come out while you work it. You can use a mallet, but its not necessary. Use a muscle. Its better.
  3. Use the screws and nuts that came with your GoPro. You have to tighten it with a Philips head screwdriver. It MUST be MORE than hand-tight, otherwise the mount may swing down and hit you in the face and you will lose your shot.
  4. Using the LCD BackPak will help you get your shot dialed in faster, but DO NOT jump with it since it only adds weight to an already large moment arm.
  5. You're done. It takes some extra work to get the sweet shots, but its worth it.


  • Item #68200 1-3/8 inch
  • Item #68201 2 inch
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 16 g
  • In stock / $30.00

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