Contour Foresight Kit

The Contour Foresight Kit is the first commercially available kit that allows you to see around corners and over obstacles, while also being able to record in real time. With a ConnectView card inserted, you can mount your ContourGPS camera to a firearm (pistol, rifle, or shotgun) using a Picatinny mount and transmit your footage via Bluetooth to your iPhone. Strap your iPhone to your arm using a TuneBand iPhone case to turn your phone into a conveniently placed wireless viewfinder. You can even record your GPS data for extreme play by play recaps for military, police, and law enforcement. Its also a great kit for home defense, close quarters combat (CQB), and Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT). Wear your iPhone on your forearm and get the foresight advantage. In addition, the ContourGPS makes it simple to line up your "shot" with a rotating lens and two lasers. There is a small bit of wobble, but it is easily secured with a small piece of tape. The Foresight Kit is made for sportsmen, soldiers, and law enforcement individuals that wants to mount their camera on a tactical weapon.

Use your iPhone or Android device to control the ON/OFF and RECORD with Contour's newest phone app. Now you can configure your camera settings in real-time and preview what your camera sees remotely. You have total control when your camera is out on the end of a long barrel or mounted to a handgun's rail to see/shoot around corners.

The ContourGPS, at only 5.2 ounces is the smallest and lightest combination of hands-free video and GPS. The built-in GPS receiver tracks your location, speed, and altitude while also recording in glorious hands free HD. The ContourGPS saves files in a .mov format which enables you to easily shoot and share HD video of your adventures, especially if your are editing with iMovie or the included Easy Edit software. Using the Contour Storyteller application you can assemble and upload your run to and watch it via interactive map and video player.

The TuneBand is a black silicone skin and arm-band for the iPhone4 & 4S, that fits AT&T and Verizon cellphone models. It is the most secure, slick thick, and protective iPhone case that we tested. The arm-band is perfect for running, hiking, or navigating. The Includes screen protectors for the front and back of the iPhone.

The Contour Picatinny Mount makes it easy to go from helmet to weapon or anywhere you have rails to mount it to. Cut a short section of picatinny rail and screw it to your ear muffs for a different POV. The Contour Picatinny Mount is mountable without the use of tools.

  • Get a live feed of your rifle's POV on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android device
  • Preview your camera's POV before recording
  • Can record 8 hours of HD content with a 32GB Micro SD card
  • Captures beautiful 1080p video with a 135 wide-angle rotating lens
  • Built-in Bluetooth syncs your ContourGPS with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android device
  • Video mapping with location, speed, and altitude GPS data
  • Remote camera operation and real-time configuration (adjust volume, change lighting conditions, configure GPS)
  • Easy to operate and use, even with a pair of gloves on
  • USB charging

The Foresight Kit is made for military and law enforcement professionals, but it can also be used for home defense or to get footage of you putting lead down range at your next shooting competition. Also works great for airsoft, and an excellent side benefit is that the airsoft bb's move slow enough for the camera to track them.


The Foresight Kit includes:


  • Item #60201
  • Weight: 150 g

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The ContourGPS, at only 5.2 ounces is the smallest and lightest combination of hands-free video and GPS. ContourGPS, has a built-in Bluetooth that works with a mobile app to turn your phone into a wireless viewfinder.


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