Backpacking Flask Caps

Backpacking Flask Caps are easily interchangeable to diversify the functionality of your flask. Shown below are the white and black caps with orifice reducers, spout cap, and twist top cap. Whether you need a cap to dispense soap, alcohol stove fuel, or whiskey, one of these caps will do the trick.

Note: Caps are not interchangeable between 4oz. and 8oz. flasks. Once the orifice reducer is inserted into the 4oz. flask, you will have to refill the flask using a funnel. Removing the reducer may permanently damage it.




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The Backpacking Flask is great for storing some of the important liquids you need while backpacking, such as soap, alcohol stove fuel, or whiskey. Whatever your needs are, the Backpacking Flask is a light weight and highly adaptable solution.


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