Wet Weather Bags

Wet weather bags go inside the main compartment of your backpack to keep your gear dry. Anyone that has used military wet weather bags know that they are heavy, expensive, and non-repairable. These bags are heavy duty and contractor grade trash bags that lightweight, inexpensive, and recyclable. You can find similar bags at your local hardware store, but we wanted to offer them individually to keep you from having to buy an entire box when one bag will last you an entire season. Can be used to collect water, to inflate your backpack for river crossings, or worn as a poncho to keep dry or just for insulation. Most importantly, it will keep your gear dry.

Bag Comparison Thickness Volume Material Color Cost Weight
Wet Weather Bag 2.0 2.0 mil 75.7 L Polyethylene White $1.95 61 g
Wet Weather Bag 3.0 3.0 mil 124 L Polyethylene Black $1.95 118 g
Sea to Summit eVAC Dry Sack 10.2 mil 35 L eVent Fabric Grey/Orange $34.95 113 g
Army Wet Weather Bag 16 mil 35 L Rubberized lining Olive Drab $10 188 g

Consumer pack liners made for the backpacking market range in volume from 1-55 liters, cost from $10-40, and weigh 0.5-5 ounces. They can be made of silicone-impregnated nylon, which is the lightest but least durable; PU-coated nylon, which is the heavier and most durable; rubber-lined nylon, which is heaviest and moderately durable; and/or waterproof/breathable fabric, which is of moderate weight and durability, but which is expensive.

  • Light weight and inexpensive
  • Just insert and trim the excess
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Made with American and Canadian resins, and manufactured in the USA




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