Duracell CEF23DX4N Mobile Charger

The Duracell Mobile Charger is an extremely versatile portable power hub. It has two operating modes; use it as a AA/AAA NiMH battery charger, or as a USB charger for USB-powered devices.

In battery-charger mode, the unit is a smart charger that accepts 1-4 AA/AAA cells in any combinations. The charger can be powered by either 100-240V universal AC input, or 12V DC input. This means you can also operate it from your vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter. Note that the car adapter is included in the CEF23DX4N, but not in the CEF23DX2.

In USB charger mode, the unit generates a regulated 5-volt supply at its USB socket. You can then connect a USB-powered device (such as GoPro, iPod, iPhone) to this unit. Input power for this USB charger can be from one of the following sources:

  1. From 100-240V universal AC input
  2. From 12V DC input (car adapter)
  3. From four AA/AAA NiMH cells in the battery compartment

Soldiers, preppers and adventurers can use the Duracell CEF23DX4N Mobile Charger along with battery clips to charge any AA/AAA battery powered or USB-chargeable device from your car battery. Keep your flashlights, phones, GoPro/Contour, or GPS device charged when traveling to a third-world country or in the most remote locations.

  • Includes 2 AA pre-charged rechargeable batteries
  • Lights indicate charging status (red/charging, green/done, blink/wrong battery)
  • 5V USB output to charge phones, cameras, and mp3 players
  • 12V DC input to charge your batteries
  • 120V AC input with folding prongs for your standard wall outlet


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