PD Soft Links (Slinks)

Slinks, made by Performance Design, are used to fasten your risers to your suspension lines and are unmatched in quality, durability, and design. They allow the skydiver to pull the slider over the risers and toggles more easily and they do not require the use of slider bumpers. During performance testing, Soft Links survived at loadings beyond the suspension lines and/or the webbing attaching the three rings to the riser. Not only are Slinks less expensive than either the steel or stainless-steel French links, they also will not distort or fail when the canopy is overloaded.

Most parachutes without a collapsible slider suffer from "motorboating," where the slider flaps and flops in flight. Motorboating hammers the slider grommets against the connector links, with the suspension lines in between taking much of the abuse. Hammering against steel connector links can ruin the suspension lines in only a few jumps. Using slider bumpers protects suspension lines from being damaged, but the damage is only transfered to the bumper. Soft links make motorboating a non-issue, and require little or no maintenance beyond inspection.

  • Reduce potential damage to the slider grommets
  • Compatible with various riser/suspension line combinations (without modification)
  • No tools required for installation
  • Each pack contains a set of 4 Slinks with installation instructions



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  • Weight: 22 g
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