FlySight GPS

FlySight provides real-time audible indication of glide ratio, horizontal or vertical speed. When you change your body position, you instantly hear a change in the tone. Your brain easily connects this feedback with your precise body position, making it astonishingly easy to remember what worked and what didn't. FlySight can be turned on a few minutes before exit, and begins providing audible feedback immediately after exit.

Note: The FlySight Audible GPS is not water resistant and can only be heard with a pair of stereo headphones (not included). The FlySight GPS can be secured to your helmet with a FlySight GPS Mount, which is sold separately.

"I highly recommend the FlySight," says Jeff Nebelkopf, Chief Test Pilot for Tony Suits. "It is a great training tool and logs 5 points per second. Like any GPS there is about a 1 second lag time. Once you do a few jumps with it your glide ratio or speed should improve."


  • 5 Hz update and logging
  • One million seconds of logged data at 5 Hz
  • Real-time audible feedback
  • Installed 512 MB microSD card

In the example video below, the FlySight audio track comes from the jumper being filmed. The audio was reconstructed afterward, using information recorded during the jump, and then overlaid on the original video. The reconstructed audio track was produced by a FlySight, and recorded directly from its audio output, in order to make the reconstruction as authentic as possible. The FlySight was in glide ratio mode with a maximum of 1.5:1. You can see that the tones produced by the FlySight still clearly identify changes in glide ratio resulting from slightly different body positions.

The FlySight Viewer (requires Mac OS 10.5 or Windows XP, Vista, or 7) is a simple utility which produces plots of your logged jumps. The FlySight Viewer can export data to CSV, NMEA, or KML files which can be loaded into Google Earth. Plots can include: time or distance vs. glide ratio, horizontal speed, vertical speed, and elevation.

If you are looking for a more full-featured package, we strongly recommend Paralog, which is available separately. Data from FlySight can be imported into Paralog, where it becomes part of a comprehensive logbook, including jump details, photos, video, and more. As well as producing 2D plots from logged data, Paralog can also produce 3D jump profiles



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