Ground Rush Rigging

Ground Rush Rigging

Ground Rush Rigging inspects, assembles, and maintains your skydiving rig with military precision.

Service Price
Reserve Inspection & Repack $35
Reserve Canopy Assembly $10
Main Canopy Assembly $10
AAD Installation Free
Main Canopy Repack $10
Reserve Slink $8 ea
Main Slink $7 ea
Main Canopy Inspection $10
New Steering Lines $60
Slider Bumpers $10
30-lb Canopy Strength Test $10
Canopy Patch $40
Wash Container $75
Used Gear Inspection $25
New AAD Battery/Service Varies
New Reserve or Main Closing Loop Free with other service

Please send equipment to:
Ground Rush Rigging
413 W. Britton Rd, Apt 462
Oklahoma City OK 73114

Steven Park

Steven Park is a FAA Certificated Senior Parachute Rigger, Tandem Instructor, and Skydiving Coach from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After serving in the Special Operations community of the Marine Corps Steve moved to Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and son. Steve has around 1,000 skydives, 150 BASE jumps, and enjoys canopy piloting, freeflying, marksmanship, and reading what other people consider to be dry, boring, rigging manuals. Steve looks forward to getting more involved in wingsuit flying in the future, as well as pursuing the Master Rigger Certificate.

  • Nickname: Steve
  • Motto: "Who is John Galt?"
  • Education: University of Alabama at Birmingham (Pre-Med Biology)
  • Awards: BASE #1543
  • Accomplishments: Founder and Owner of Ground Rush Rigging, former Weapons Instructor with Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, taught himself to BASE jump with no formal instruction and survived.
  • Website: Ground Rush Rigging