Planet Bike CO2 Cartridge

Planet Bike CO2 Cartridges are tested to the highest standards for durability, safety, and reliability. They contain pure CO2 with no oils or contaminants.


In warm weather, a 16g cartridge might get a 700x23 tire up to 90psi, depending upon how much tube volume the rim profile permits. In cold weather, perhaps only 75-80psi. Depending upon rider weight that could be sufficient for the front wheel and enough to prevent pinch flats on the rear wheel. In below-freezing weather, it's best to also bring a pump. As a general rule of thumb, use 20g cartridges in the fall and winter, and use 16g cartridges in spring and summer. 16g CO2 cartridge yields approximately one 26 in. tire inflated to 40 psi, and one 700c road tire inflated to 125 psi.

  • 100% recyclable steel cartridges tested to the highest standards for durability and safety
  • Uses the industry standard 3/8-24 thread, compatible with many brands
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Please recycle spent cartridges


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