Croakies Microsuiters

Croakies is one of the original makers of eyewear retainers, and they really hit bullseye with the Microsuiters. Whether you are running, mountain biking, or skydiving, these Croakies will keep your shades snug on your face in the most extreme conditions. The elasticity in the cotton/Lycra keep your shades planted without having to over-tighten them. Tip: When skydiving, tuck any excess line under the retainer, against the back of your head.

  • Adjustable cotton/Lycra eyewear retainer is designed to keep thin framed sunglasses securely on your head
  • Tube design fits snugly on the ear stems of your glasses for cushioned comfort at the temples
  • Flexible bead slides along the back of the strap to adjust the fit



  • Item #59000
  • Weight: 7 g
  • In stock / $8.00

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