Field-Expedient Antenna Adapter

The Field-Expedient Antenna Adapter (FEA) Adapter (AKA Cobra Head) is used when you need a replacement for a bent or broken manpack antenna or you need the added range of a large FEA. Holding the wire ends in place or rigging them with tape can be unreliable. Using FEA adapters will make your connections fool-proof. Check out our Communication section to learn how to improvise a field expedient antenna using an Antenna Adapter.

The male FEA Adapter connects wire (such as WD-1 commo wire) to your military radio. This adapter, along with improvised wire and insulators, is the most light-weight solution to quickly create FEAs. You can connect any of the FEAs to your radio by simply inserting the two wire ends of your antenna to the binding posts and screwing them down.

The female FEA Adapter connects wire (such as WD-1 commo wire) to the coax cable that you would ideally use between your radio and the antenna. Coax cable provides better shielding and a clearer reception, but the heavier cable and additional adapters add weight.



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