Mini Dropper Bottle

Mini Dropper Bottles are used to store, hold, and mix liquids, powders, and other substances. They have a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) body and come with an assortment of colored polypropylene (PP) caps. Its LDPE body is lightweight, flexible, and elastic. LDPE resists impact, stress cracks, and moisture absorption. The PP caps screw on lab bottles to secure contents and help prevent spills and evaporation. The different colored caps enable color-coding of reagents or coordinating with industry storage codes. The dispensing control tip snaps into place for a secure fit. This dropper bottle is suitable for use with liquid samples, solvents, chemicals, and dry materials in most biotech, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical applications, among others.

The opaque bottles are great way to reduce weight when for storing bleach, iodine, or Aquamira Water Treatment Drops for backpacking. If you drink 3L/day, the 15mL dropper should sustain you for 21 days, 8mL for 11 days, or 4mL for 5½ days.

Note: We will do our best to give you an assortment of cap colors, unless you leave a note at checkout or contact us for specific cap colors.

  • Dropping bottle used to dispense liquids in a unit of a drop
  • LDPE body for flexibility, elasticity, and impact, stress-cracking, and moisture resistance, and is lightweight
  • Assorted colored PP caps enable color-coding of reagents or coordinating with industry storage codes
  • Screw caps secure contents to help prevent spills and evaporation
  • Excellent chemical resistance; material is suitable for most biotech, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical applications
  • Clear bottles are great for liquid soap, shampoo, or your favorite hot sauce
  • Opaque bottles are ideal for UV light-sensitive products like bleach, iodine, or Aquamira drops


  • Item #67100 Clear
  • Item #67101 Opaque
  • Weight: 4 g, 5 g, 6 g
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