Loksak 3-pack

Loksak has designed two revolutionary bags, the aLOKSAK and OPSAK, for active use and/or storage. Once closed, the aLOKSAK and OPSAK are 100% hermetically sealed. These bags are flexible and easily adapt to your gear bag or pocket. These 6 mil bags have a lower cold-crack tolerance than PVC or vinyl, and they can withstand heat above boiling. Five patents cover everything from the airtight/liquid-tight seal and its manufacturing process to the actual concept of aLOKSAK and OPSAK and the FDA spproved film. These Military Grade bags are used for safe element proof transport and storage by outdoor enthusiasts, all branches of the US military, foreign militaries, and by many governmental and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The OPSAK is similar to the aLOKSAK with the added benefit that it is odor proof. These barrier bags work great for food, clothing, soiled diapers, tobacco, and more. They are great for keeping unwanted critters away from your campsite. The OPSAK is made of a co-extruded nylon, EVOH, blended film that forms the odor proof barrier protection. The closure is soft and pliable to insure 100% contact to form the odor proof seal.

It is important to test the bags before using them to store anything of value. The first thing to wear out on these bags is the connection between the zip seal section and the rest of the bag. While it is more heavy duty than a ziplock bag, remember it is still a plastic bag. If you are careful with them, they can last up to three years. Don't overfill, take your time with closing (really make a job of it), open gingerly, and they will work.

  • Liquid tight, air tight, and waterproof to 60m/200ft
  • Made with a patented, high-tenacity polymer to deliver extremely puncture-resistant, element-proof storage
  • Does not contain BPA, FDA/NSF approved, and appropriate for food storage
  • Stays soft even in frigid weather
  • Remains flexible to -40°F and can withstand direct heat up to 150°F
  • Touch screen sensitive
  • Made in the USA

"When bear canisters are overkill-but you still want to critter-proof your food against racoons, squirrels, and marmots-get Loksak's OPSAK bag. These resealable, washable, polyethylene bags are watertight, airtight, and odor proof, so they prevent animals from sniffing out your edibles and toiletries."

- Kelly Bastone Gear Guide BACKPACKER Magazine



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