Leukotape P Sports Tape

Leukotape P is an ideal sports tape that offers the athlete therapy in motion. Perfect for the person learning how to properly administer patellofemoral taping or shoulder taping techniques on themselves or someone else. Leukotape P is specifically designed for the patellofemoral (McConnell) taping technique for correcting patellar position. Excellent for shoulder taping and managing chronic shoulder problems by realigning shoulder-related structures and retraining muscles. Rayon-backed natural rubber latex tape with aggressive zinc oxide adhesive provide high tensile strength.

This tape also works well as a replacement for Moleskin. It provides excellent blister prevention on backpacking trips. It sticks well without leaving a sticky residue, one roll lasts a LONG time, and it is thinner than moleskin and more comfortable. A similar product is KT Tape, which is cut to length and costs twice as much. It's truly the duct tape for the athletic world. Each roll has 1½" x 15 yards.



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