Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

There are a number of heart rate monitor straps on the market these days, but not all monitor straps work with all watches/CPUs. Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap is received by most of the newest, ANT+ compatible devices on the market. The unit is smaller, lighter, more flexible than the standard version. The Garmin Premium Soft Strap heart rate monitor has a soft fabric strap and is more comfortable than ever before. Plus, it's optimized for use in congested areas like gym classes and starting lines. Works in a crowded environment of over 80 ANT+ monitors within 30 feet radius.

The new HRM soft strap is rugged enough to withstand swimming, and the HRM is water resistant to 30m. Although heart rate data does not transmit while underwater, this new waterproof strap means a triathlete can plan ahead by wearing the strap under a wetsuit, shaving crucial seconds off his or her transition time.

Note: to prolong the life of your HRM, rinse the strap after every use. Hand wash the strap in cold water with a mild detergent after every five uses. Do not put the strap in a washing machine or a dryer.



  • Item #61700
  • Range: 3.0 m
  • Battery life: 1yr (1hr/day)
  • Weight: 46 g
  • In stock / $75.00

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