SOL Emergency Blanket

The SOL Emergency Blanket from Adventure Medical Kits is the most advanced emergency blanket on the market. The SOL Emergency Blanket is extremely durable and won't rip if tied down at the corners and placed under tension with tent poles or stakes. Meticulously designed never to fail when you're counting on it with your life. It all starts with the material - vacuum-metalized polyethylene reflects 90% of your body heat while also offering a number of other important features that set it apart from traditional mylar blankets: it opens easily and will not shred if nicked or punctured, rips and tears can be repaired, it is quiet and won't crinkle in high winds, and its high-visibility orange exterior makes it easy for rescuers to find you. Plus, survival tips and techniques are printed directly on the blanket so you have them when you need them.

  • Survival and first-aid instructions are printed directly on the blanket
  • 20% larger than competitive products
  • Reflects up to 90% of radiated body heat
  • Extreme durability and tear resistant
  • Comes packed in a reusable zip-lock bag
  • Reflective on the inside, and a highly visible orange on the outside
  • One person blanket measures 56" x 84" and weighs 2.9oz. (80g)
  • Two person blanket measures 60" x 96" and weighs 3.2oz. (92g)


  • Item #51200 1 person
  • Item #51201 2 person
  • Weight: 80 g | 92 g
  • In stock

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